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Philippe Telio – Startupfest

This is an absolute must addition to any corporate gathering. Having people create art when they aren’t expecting it is simply magical.

Dawson College

“The 5th anniversary mural has been framed and is mounted in the entranceway of 4001 de Maisonneuve! The artwork is also visible from the street. The symbolism of the artwork, created by Nathalie Hazan, will not be lost on anyone who lived through that day five and a half years ago or who have entered […]

3arts Project

raison d’art newest initiative, 3arts Project is having a fund-raising vernissage on the 13th of December, 2014 @ Notman House.

HEC Montreal

“The mural created for the Parcours Rémi Marcoux is installed at HEC and looks AMAZING!” -Colette Vanasse, Executive Director of the McGill-HEC Montreal International Family Business Centre

Bruno Poirier, Innovation & Creative Thinking Consultant

The creation of a collective visual artwork by the 400 participants was a key highlight of the meeting. The participants were highly enthusiastic about the stunning visual “masterpiece” they were able to create in a short time. They felt a strong sense of ownership in their creation, it is now proudly displayed in their office. […]