Community Art

raison d’art started as an idea to provide creative environments and interactive programs to artists and individuals that otherwise would have difficulty accessing artistic resources, while directly supporting education, community service, and societal change.

raison d’art is focused on three elements: art, interaction, and community issues:

– First, art is of essential value to every human being, and artists are motivators of social change. raison d’art aspires to engage a large spectrum of individuals in a high level of art production, helping the artists in each of us make a mark.

– Second, raison d’art is dedicated to the notion that connections and interactions are the driving forces of change. Creating art brings people and ideas together and thus change begins

– Third, by finding common ground in visual expression around pertinent issues, people can address and support community needs.

3arts Project

3arts Project, raison d’art’s most recent initiative, is an inter-school mural project that prevents violence through art and technology. You can commission a public work of art that draws communities together and impacts our children’s lives today and tomorrow. Contact us for more information.