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Security and Technology FAQ

Security and Technology FAQ

Last updated August 6, 2020

What is the portraitX app? What can I do with it?

portraitX is an application designed for the iPad by Raison d’art. It delivers content and information that supports the class-based program, and its activities, with the same name. The app delivers workshop lessons, educational information, and also features a portrait creation tool that allows users to take pictures, add effects and draw to create artistic self-portraits.

Users can create an anonymous account by providing an authorized school code to explore workshop lessons and to create self-portraits using the app tools. Limited sharing of pictures through the app is possible through bidirectional (2-way) user approval, which enables the workshop group or paired activities. Users can always opt-out of participating in individual, group or paired activities, or to decline any sharing of content with other users.

Here is a summary of the portraitX app’s key features:

  • Anonymous account creation

  • Access to workshop lessons, activities and tools, such as:

    • Workshop content

    • Self-Portrait Tool

    • Portrait Remix Tool

    • Moderator Assistance through private or group chat

    • Albums to organize portrait collections

    • Profile and settings

    • Links to additional resources and help


In order to facilitate and moderate classroom and workshop interactions, a Moderator App is also available to pre-authorized facilitators and workshop educators.


For more information about portraitX and the non-profit organization Raison d’art that produces and maintains this application, please visit: https://www.raisondart.org/portraitx

Why do I need to create an account?

You must create an account using a username (alias) and password so that you and only you can access your account and the content in the app. You should choose a secure password and always keep your login and access information private.

What information or data are collected? How is this used?

During the account creation steps, you are asked personal profile questions, such as your age, gender identity, racial identity. This information is collected for research purposes, and is not personally identifiable since we do not ask for your name, email, phone, address or any other contact information that can be linked back to you personally.


Other information that may be collected through the app include your answers to workshop activities, such as in-app survey questions and other feedback about the app or program experience.


Answers provided in the workshop activities are aggregated anonymously and made available to authorized researchers following ethical guidelines. This data generates insights to drive and support the prevention of teen dating violence.


Users can opt-out of participating in Research by simply refraining from checking the box in account creation.


Additional to the information that may be collected for research and to ensure the app and workshop experience, other data may be collected to help us improve the program, its content and the app. For example, your workshop progress and navigation through different activities can be collected and analyzed anonymously so we can improve the experience for future users.

How is my information, data and content stored? Is it safe?

The portraitX app stores content and data that you create in the app and allows you to retrieve some content, such as pictures or self-portraits that are User-Generated. These files are stored along with metadata that describes those files, such as date and time of creation and creator, on the cloud. 


portraitX uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host and provide the app’s content and experience to you. The application is hosted using Amazon’s EC2 and monitored through Elastic Beanstalk. Content and files are made available and stored on Amazon’s S3 cloud storage solution. These services are hosted and all data stored in Canada in accordance with guidelines to protect research and educational data.


Self-portraits and other User-Generated Content are stored separately from workshop data, and will not be shared directly with researchers without explicit consent from its creator and owner. To review the Research Consent Agreement, go to: https://www.raisondart.org/research

Through the design of the system that we have created for the app, the portraits that can be personal, are unlikely to be easily traceable to your identity, workshop data or the research information you accepted to share with us. However, users should be aware that they are responsible to take precautions to safeguard access to their accounts or otherwise notify the portraitX team if any breach occurs or is suspected.

How can I delete my account and all its content?

If you would like to opt-out of the research, delete your account or any of the user-generated content you have provided or created while using the portraitX app, you can send us an email with a description of your request at support@raisondart.org