Raison d’art literally means the "reason of art", a play on the French "raison d'être" which translates to "the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence."

In essence, Raison d'art brings the deepest meaning of art, our humanity, to each project.


Operating since 2007, Raison d’art, a non-profit organization, creates social impact projects supporting education, culture and community through collective art. We have collaborated with almost 50,000 people on various projects for the city of Montreal, schools and numerous institutions, organizations and companies. Some of our clients include: Startupfest, Aldo Group, Caisse Desjardins, Merck, ResolveTO, HEC, Dawson College, FWD50, 375e de Montréal, UniAction and McGill University.

Raison d’art is focused on three elements:


 1. Creativity 

Creativity is of essential value to every human being and a catalyst for social impact.

 2. Connection 

Human connection and interactions are the driving forces of sustainable change.

 3. Social issues ​

Engaging community to find common ground in the expression of social issues.